National Archives of India assistance to Assam State Archives

Under the Scheme of Financial Assistance to Statement Government/ Union Territory/ Archival Institutions, Government Libraries and Museum,s the National Archives of India supports Archival Repositories, Government Libraries/ Museums of State/ Union Territory Administrations for their developmental activities and preservation of records, books and manuscripts.

The financial assistance is provided in the ratio of 75:25 (i.e. Central Government share is 75% and State Government share is 25%).

The financial assistance received under the scheme by the Assam State Archives till date is as follows:

SL.No Period Amount Total Central share 75%
(in Rupees)
Amount Total State share 25%
(in Rupees)
Total Sanctioned
(in Rupees)
Projects Completed
1 2010-2011 6.00 Lakh 2.00 Lakh 8.00 Lakh (1) Purchased five computer along with hardware and software
(2) Infrastructure.
(3) 1 Ton Air conditioner: 1 Nos
(4) 2 KVA online UPS: 1 Nos
(5) 500 VA online UPS: 1 Nos
(6) 5 KVA Generator: 1 Nos
2 2011-2012 28,27,500 Lakh 9,42,500 Lakh 37,70,000 Lakh 1) Purchased Reprographic equipment for microfilming of records.

Such as:
1.1)Microfliming Camera: 1 Nos.
1.2)Microfliming Processor: 1 Nos.
1.3)Automated MF scanner: 1 Nos.
1.4)Microfliming Inspector: 1 Nos.
1.5)Densitometer: 1 Nos.
1.6)Roll Flim 35mm: 100 Nos.
1.7)Chemical (developer & fixer) 1.8)Stationery Items: Steel cabinet , Chair etc.
1.9)Air conditioner: 3 Nos.
2.0)Purchase of Plotter: 1 Nos.
2.1)Data entry and digitization done for 50,000 records in AIMS software.

National Archives of India assistance to Govt. and Non-Govt. Organizations, Individuals

The Assam State Archives is the nodal agency for processing applications of different Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations, individuals seeking financial assistance from the National Archives of India for preserving rare and old documents, manuscripts, rare books etc. under their custody. The grant of scheme is up to Rupees 10 lakhs on the condition that the applicant organization should bear 25% of the project cost. The schemes are recommended to the National Archives of India by the State Level Screening Committee of the Assam State Archives.

Indian Council of Historical Research Calendaring Programme

The Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) has started a calendaring programme of all important archival records in collaboration with Assam State Archives, which commenced in July 2013. Under this programme, three scholars appointed by ICHR have completed calendaring of more than two thousands files from the following series of records:

  • Home Department (1911-1947)
  • Education Department (1941-1942)
  • General and Judicial Department (1941-42)
  • Home confidential Department (1911-1947)