Welcome to Assam State Archives Library

Assam State Archives Library collects and preserves very rare and old documents of administrative and historic importance and keeps in its Archival library and which are out of print now .These documents are mostly Govt. publications and reports from time to time. The Archival Library Possess got around 30000 nos of extensive collections like various administrative reports , census reports , and other reports such as forest ,excise, land revenue , settlement & resettlement , public administration etc. Furthermore , materials like History of services , civil list,industrial ,power,tea,Assam gazette,Calcutta gazette,India gazette, various ACTs, code , old journals and bulletins , monographs , survey reports of flora and Fauna , assembly debates , manuals , proceedings , and old maps .These valuable materials are the primary resource materials to the scholars , administrators , public and student too . All these records covered the period from 1874.

The Assam State archives is the biggest archives in the N-E India. The scholars have greater attention and impression for its valuable holdings and perfect management.As such,the Assam state archives represent as a biggest primary data centre for several organization,offices and individuals in the North-Eastern part of the country and abroad and greatly facilitates in day to day administration of the govt too.

Research Facilities

The Assam state Archives attract scholars from all over the country and abroad and offers all kinds of help to them with computer facilities to access the records . The research room is full of modern facilities with air-conditioner and moderate reading option.

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